The Great Scrunchie Twist Mystery: How Many Twists Do You Need?

The Great Scrunchie Twist Mystery: How Many Twists Do You Need?

Ah, the timeless question every scrunchie (or my personal favourite French word for scrunchie: chouchou) lover has asked: how many twists does it take to tie your hair just right? Whether you have short, medium, or long hair, the number of twists can make all the difference in comfort and style. Let's dive into this fun and lighthearted mystery!

I personally have always kept my hair at a chin length bob. So when Suzy started making scrunchies she opted for the large sizes we do so well. BUT the problem was that my short hair could barely hold in it. This is why she started making some that would fit my hair! 


Below are the variations of scrunchie sizes Suzy made for me. Maybe you can't tell the difference with the smaller ones in the picture, but my hair can!

Anyways, we were having discussion about how many "twists" I need so that my hair is tightly tied with the scrunchie. She was experimenting with he smaller sizes. the first sample she made for me had a "twist value" of two. (I just came up with "twist value" but I really like it). Two wasn't quite enough for that tight comfortable fit, especially because my day job as a cafe owner requires me to be on the go go go mode of a business owner/barista – this inherently makes you want to keep your hair in CHECK. Finally I came to the conclusion that in need a solid THREE twists to get the job done properly. So she adjusted the elastic in the crunchy and now I think we've found the perfect size for those with chin length hair, or even longer. 

Thinking about how unique all our hair types can be, the great question is how many twists do YOU need? What's your hair type? This reminds of makeup in some way. Our skin tones are so different, so when purchasing foundations, concealers, shadows or whatever else, you need to make sure that they match you perfectly. In this case, is your hair thick, finer, soft, wavy, curly etc.? 



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